We work systematically on minimizing our negative foot print on the environment. As a result we were certified to ISO 14001 in 2011.

This has made us even more focused on acting as environmentally friendly as possible. For 8 years, we have implemented a bunch of initiatives to reduce our consumption of resources and protect the health of our employees. 

We use water based glue wherever possible as it is much better for both the employees and the environment. We have invested in an automatic leather cutter in order to achieve the lowest possible waste factor. And last year we rebuild our air-compressor installation allowing us to switch off departments which are not working and reduce our total power usage.

Our light is also gradually turning greener and more energy efficient. In the coming years all the light at our production site will come from LED-lamps. Not only will this eliminate an impact of 150000 kWh on the environment. It will also provide a better work light for our workers.  


Other news

31.07 2019
More stain-free fabrics from FibreGuard

Our most high-tech fabric is so popular, that we extend the collection with 4 new styles.

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27.02 2019
New ISO certificate!

Optimizing quality and service wherever possible has always been our focus. Now we can proceed more systematically.

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28.01 2019
New year – New platform

Now you can also follow Top-line at facebook!

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