When visiting the Top-Line web site, information about your visit is collected in order to optimize the content served to you. If you do not accept this, you are free to delete your browser cookies at any time (link to guide below). This Privacy Policy explains our collection of information on the web site and the purpose behind it.


Personal data


Personal data is all types of information that can be used to identify you. When you visit the web site, we collect and process such information.

We collect and process the following - a unique ID and technical information about your browser, mobile phone or tablet, IP address, geographical location as which pages you view. If you give specific consent and provide the information yourself, we may also sign you up as a user or subscribe you to a newsletter.


We made technical and organisation precautions against the accidental or deliberate deletion, publication, abuse, or alteration of your information.


The information is used to identify you as a user to optimize the content presented to you when visiting our web site. Or to deliver a newsletter if you have actively opted in to receive it.

Data retention

The information is kept for a duration that is in accordance with legal standards. Information is deleted when no longer deemed necessary. The retention depends on the character of the information and the reason for storing it. Therefore, we cannot provide a general time frame for the deletion of information registered on the web site.

Sharing of information

Data concerning your use of the web site, geographical location may be passed on to a third party. You can see which third parts we use in the Cookies section above. This information is used to track the usage of the web site to optimize our content.

We also use a number of third party data processors. They only process information on our behalf and can not use them for their own purposes. We will only pass on personal data to third party processors if you consent to it. We only use data processors within the EU or in other countries offering sufficient protection under GDPR.

Guidelines for Using Photos and Video

For us it hugely important for the publication of photo and video material to comply with current legislation and general morals and ethics.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that no one feels exposed, exploited or violated when we publish photo or video material.

The guidelines describe how we handle personal data in the form of photos and video in digital and printed media. The guidelines are based on the instructions and recommendations of the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Situational Photos

We distinguish between situational photos and portrait photos in accordance with the guidelines of the Danish Data Protection Agency, which are available here.
If we take a portrait photo, we always obtain written consent from the person in the portrait for its use.

In the case of situational photos, we always obtain oral consent in the situation in which the photo is taken, even though this is not a requirement.

Our Definition of a Situational Photo:
  • There must always be at least three people in the photo
  • They must not be looking directly at the camera
  • The purpose of the photo must be to depict a situation or activity
  • None of the people in the photo must have special features such as distinctive hair, tattoos etc.
Use of Photos

Consequently, anyone who is involved in an activity for us or elsewhere may find him/herself being photographed in the context of that activity. But we always ask the people involved for their permission to take the photo and for its subsequent use.The photos will chiefly be used on our website, or on Facebook or LinkedIn.

They may also be used in printed material such as flyers or posters, or as part of a press campaign in the media.

We always follow the principles below when using photo and video material. We will always:

  • Ask people whether we may take a photo of them
  • Inform them of how the photo will be used
  • Only take relevant (harmless) situational photos
  • As far as possible remove photos from our own media, if someone wishes us to do so

Insight and complaints

You have the right to know which information is stored about you. You can at any time object to the information being stored about you - as well as withdraw consent regarding the information kept about you. If information stored about you is incorrect, we will delete or rectify it. Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you want to make a complaint about our processing of personal data, you are also welcome to contact the Danish authorities, Datatilsynet.


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