Unexpected growth in an extraordinary year! 

One month in 2021 we’ve had time to look back at the extraordinary year of 2020. The pandemic shook our world in Møldrup too, but to our big surprise it entailed sales results that we had never dared to dream of.

Alongside this unexpected performance, we could share several great news during the year:

And as always we introduced multiple pieces of tailormade happiness – for example Believe, Partner, TulsaDouble, Jane and Forest.



Other news

01.02 2021
10 years of green commitment!

 For an entire decade, we have been working systematically to reduce our impact on the environment.

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27.01 2021
A look back on 2020

Unexpected growth in an extraordinary year! 

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16.12 2020
Product news: Studio

Meet Studio! Where soft lines and elegant details goes hand in hand with a great sitting comfort. 

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