Classic and yet utterly unique.

Classic and yet utterly unique. Our latest modular system, Double, gives the customer a wealth of creative freedom. Whichever combination you choose, the slim legs, the black aluminium frame and the clean lines will ensure an exclusive look.

The two modules can remain chairs – with or without arms – or they can be combined to create a 2S, 3S or corner sofa. So the modules work well on their own as well as together! Especially the corner chair, which, with a table between the modules, acts to frame the conversation area and almost seems to transform three pieces of furniture into one integrated piece.

Like all our models with loose cushions, Double comes with reversible back and seat cushions so that wear can be distributed and the furniture will keep its shape and appearance for even longer.

Interested in similar models?
There’s more where they come from if you’re looking for stylish lounge chairs that are just as comfortable to look at as to sit in. If your customers have a weakness for classic and exclusive looks, Dicte, Niko or Cuba could be to their taste.

If, on the other hand, they are seeking a creative adventure, the Palermo and Verona module systems are sure to please them.

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