With our new fabric from FibreGuard customers can enjoy their new furniture without the slightest worry of stains.

We always strive to create furniture that lasts for years and years. Therefore, we are also picky when it comes to materials which must meet the highest standards.

With FibreGuard we add yet another quality brand to our collection. Not only is it our most high-tech material so far. Like the rest of our fabrics it is ecolabel accredited and contains no harmful chemicals.

Durable and easy to clean
FibreGuard combines the latest stain free technology with high quality and stylish fabrics to ensure low maintenance and a long-lasting look and feel. Therefore, they are very easy to clean. Stains can be removed using mostly water while stubborn stains may require a small amount of household soap.

These stain free properties will not deteriorate after washing or heavy use as FibreGuard surpasses tough quality and washability testing.  

You can choose from a wide variety of colors. 

Want to know more?
Get in touch with our sales staff here and find our care guide with instructions on how to extend the life of furniture.

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31.07 2019
More stain-free fabrics from FibreGuard

Our most high-tech fabric is so popular, that we extend the collection with 4 new styles.

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27.02 2019
New ISO certificate!

Optimizing quality and service wherever possible has always been our focus. Now we can proceed more systematically.

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28.01 2019
New year – New platform

Now you can also follow Top-line at facebook!

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